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About the Aud Mini Party Get ready to have a great time with Aud Mini Party!

This portable Bluetooth speaker is integrated with multicolor LEDs that bring your party to life by providing a fun visual and aural experience. The LEDs flash and strobe in multiple dazzling colors, and can be cycled through seven preset lighting themes. Pair your device wirelessly to Aud Mini Party through Bluetooth or plug in directly to the aux input. If you receive a call, the built-in speakerphone allows you to answer with a push of a button. By combining lively, colorful lighting with bold, powerful sound, Aud Mini Party makes every occasion a memorable one.

 Your Own Light and Sound Show Don't just listen to your music - experience it. Aud Mini Party has integrated multicolor LEDs that display a variety of vivid colors, providing the perfect visual complement to your music. Choose from seven dynamic lighting themes to bring your music to life. 

 Bring the Party With You The same size as the iPhone 6, Aud Mini Party is compact enough to carry by hand or pack into a bag so you can bring the party with you wherever you go. 

 Answer Calls Hands-Free If your phone receives a call while it's streaming music through Bluetooth, just press the Play button on Aud Mini Party to answer the call and converse hands-free. When the call ends, your music will resume playing automatically. 

 Stream Wirelessly or Plug In Connect your smartphone or tablet to Aud Mini Party via Bluetooth to stream music wirelessly. Alternately, you can play music from your iPod or any other 3.5mm audio device by plugging into the convenient aux input.

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