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The Smaak Foundation 2600 mAh Portable Power Bank is the perfect power solution to charge your smartphone or other portable devices on the go. The portable power bank comes pre-charged and contains a Lithium-ion battery with a single 5V/1 AMP USB output.

Key Features

  • Safety Features: Packed with safety features such as surge protection, temperature resistance, overcharge protection and short circuit protection. 
  • Chargers Various Devices: This portable power bank will charge almost any device, these include, Smartphones, Cameras, Smart Watches and even your GPS. 
  • Charges it to the Maximum: The power bank can provide up to a full charge of your smartphone dependent on the size of its battery and will provide more than 500 charge cycles.
  • Easy Portability: It includes a flat micro USB 2.0 charging cable and a key chain that allows you to carry your portable power bank on the go.

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