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    MIXIT  Power RockStar™ 6600

BELKIN MIXIT METALLIC Power RockStar 6600 Family Shot


The Power RockStar 6600 combines magnetized cable storage with a powerful 6600 mAh battery to make it even easier to stay charged on the go. Holding your specially designed Lightningâ„¢ or Micro-USB cable securely in transit, the Power RockStar means you'll never be without a cable to charge your device. With 3.4 Amps to optimally charge two smartphones simultaneously via two USB ports, or one tablet at top speed, your back up power just got an upgrade.

Compatibility:Smartphones, tablets

BELKIN MIXIT METALLIC Power RockStar 6600 2 USB Icon


With two USB ports, you can share the Power RockStar 3.4 Amps between two different devices for simultaneous charging. It's ideal for those who carry multiple USB devices, or to lend a quick battery boost to a friend.

BELKIN MIXIT METALLIC Power RockStar 6600 2 USB Icon


  1. LED battery life indicator
  2. Micro-USB port to charge the battery (2.4 Amp input for optimal battery recharging)
  3. 2 USB ports (3.4 Amps total)
  4. Magnetized cable storage (for either detachable cable)
  5. Aluminum finish
BELKIN MIXIT METALLIC Power RockStar 6600 Battery Icon


6600mAh of power means enough juice to recharge your smartphone three times over without refueling the Power RockStar. When it does need a boost, simply connect it to a power source via the Micro-USB cable provided.

BELKIN MIXIT METALLIC Power RockStar 6600 Cables


The Power RockStar 6600 is never without its trusty cable. The neat magnetized slot holds the 3.9" Lightning or Micro-USB cable securely, so when you need to recharge, the RockStar has literally everything you need.

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