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1. 15000mAh Large capacity:
Power supply for long-term supports up to 25 restarts of the car with full battery, support start 12V vehicles (Up to 5.0L Gas or 3.0L Diesel) in seconds.
2. Low temperature start not afraid of cold:
High-rate polymer battery not afraid of low temperature can still start successfully at minus 30 ?.

3.With LED Light Function:
Flashlight mode, SOS mode, Strobe mode. A must tool for outdoor camping, picnics and adventure trips.
4.Out of battery without panic restart by one step:
When the car battery is in a deficient state and cannot be started simply connect the smart battery clip with the emergency power bank to the car. The battery is
connected to the positive and negative poles to start the car.

5.5 types of safety protections intelligent clamps:
The intelligent safety terminals of this car starter feature 5 advanced protections, reverse connect protection.
6.Nice design, high quality:
Exclusive industrial design private model, surface carbon grain. Exquisite appearance and comfortable touch feeling.

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